Beginner’s Guide to Acquiring $LOAF Tokens

How to buy $LOAF Loaf Cat


Welcome to the world of $LOAF – a token on the Solana blockchain. Get ready to join the $LOAF Cat universe with these simple steps.

Official Contract Address for $LOAF: 3de2yRhtD4VbJBb8EQAQffYMPLU4EnSHT1eveBwiL3tn

Step 1: Install the Phantom Wallet

Download the Phantom wallet from the official website (, App Store, or Google Play Store.

Beware: Only use official Phantom Wallet links to avoid scams!

Step 2: Set Up Your Wallet

Create a new Phantom wallet.

Securely store your recovery phrase – it’s crucial for your wallet’s security.

Step 3: Fund Your Wallet with Solana (SOL)

Purchase Solana (SOL) on your preferred cryptocurrency exchange.

Transfer SOL to your Phantom wallet address.

Directly from Phantom Wallet via MoonPay.

Step 4: Connect to Jupiter Exchange

When your SOL is in the Phantom wallet, it's time to buy $LOAF.

Open the Phantom wallet, tap ‘browser’ at the bottom right, and either select ‘Jupiter’ Dapps or enter in the search bar.

Connect your wallet by choosing ‘Phantom’ and hitting ‘Connect’.

Step 5: Swap SOL for $LOAF

Once connected, enter the $LOAF Contract Address (3de2yRhtD4VbJBb8EQAQffYMPLU4EnSHT1eveBwiL3tn) in the search bar and select $LOAF CAT Token.

Input the amount of SOL you wish to swap.

Click ‘Swap’, and then confirm the transaction in your wallet app.


After confirmation, $LOAF should appear in your wallet dashboard.
If you run into any problems or need help, our support team is ready to assist you.

Swapping SOL for $LOAF Directly in Phantom Wallet (Optional)

After your SOL arrives in your Phantom wallet, you're set to swap it for $LOAF.

Open your Phantom wallet and navigate to the swap or exchange feature.
Select SOL as the cryptocurrency you want to swap from.

In the 'To' field, choose $LOAF (make sure you use the correct $LOAF token by verifying the contract address: 3de2yRhtD4VbJBb8EQAQffYMPLU4EnSHT1eveBwiL3tn).

Enter the amount of SOL you wish to exchange for $LOAF.

Review the swap details, including any fees or exchange rates.

Once the transaction is confirmed, $LOAF tokens will be credited to your Phantom wallet.

Important Note: Ensure you're swapping for the correct $LOAF token by verifying the contract address. Transactions on the blockchain are irreversible, so accuracy is crucial.

Welcome Aboard!

Congratulations! You’re now part of the exciting $LOAF Cat community on the Solana network.

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